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Know us for when you need us – Emma Silke-French and Dr. Juliet Fleming

Introducing Emma Silke-French, Chair of Dancing For a Cause Trust Committee.

What are you most excited about for event night on the 27th of May 2023?

Emma Silke- French Dancing for a Cause 2023

I LOVE watching all the contestants finally get to show their friends and family what they have spent months working so hard on. I always have a little tear in my eye watching them; a proud teacher moment for sure.

Often, we have been through a lot of emotions in the process, so watching them give it everything on the dance floor is very special.

During the 2 years of build-up there is so much planning that goes into putting this show on. Show day gives us a massive sense of pride in our work.

This year’s event is bigger than ever with ten contestants instead of eight. What advice can you give to the 2023 contestants?

Always to enjoy the process, listen to your dance teachers and make sure you are present for the

big night because it goes by in a flash. While dancing in front of so many people can be scary I can guarantee you will come off the dancefloor wanting to do it all over again!

Why are the volunteers who form the Dancing For a Cause Trust so committed to what they do?

Like most people, we all have a ‘Hospice Story’ that we hold near and dear to our hearts. We know what an amazing organisation Hospice is, and this makes us want to go that extra mile to show our support.

How can the Nelson Tasman community get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved. You can donate to your favourite contestant or buy a ticket to the show. Both are on our website; www.dancingforacause.co.nz. You can also help in person. We are always looking for volunteers to help set up the Trafalgar Center or take it all down after. If this sounds like you, contact us and we will put you to work. Finally, you can donate prizes for raffles or goods/services for our online auction.

Introducing Dr Juliet Fleming, Senior Medical Officer at Nelson Tasman Hospice and 2023 Dancing For a Cause contestant ‘Doc on the Dance Floor’

What myth about Nelson Tasman Hospice that I would like to dispel? 

Although people do die in the hospice, most come in for a ‘sort out’ or ‘tune up’ and then go home again where they receive ongoing support from the Hospice Community Team. Some may come back again, even a few times and yes, sometimes people stay until the end of their lives but being admitted to the hospice is not only about coming to die.

What made you want to be a contestant at this year’s Dancing For a Cause?

The main reason I have put myself forward as a contestant is simple – it is for our patients and whanau; past, present and future. Also, to represent and, in appreciation of, my colleagues over the years. I hope it will bring joy (and probably laughter!) to us all. Having experienced the value of hospice services for members of my own family, this has spurred me on to ensure that everyone can access these services when they are needed.

I have been exceptionally lucky to have a career that I have loved and still feel passionate about and I know the financial pressures involved to continue this service into the future.

What have I enjoyed about raising funds?

It has been good to get out into the community with my colleagues to talk about everything hospice at various markets and special events from Takaka to Murchison.

Given that I am testing myself with my dancing abilities (none currently!), I have relished the challenge of making as much as I can for a cause that is my life’s work. I have certainly developed an appreciation for people who sell raffle tickets!

What are you most excited for about the event in May?

I am hoping to do my Mum proud.

If you’d like to support Emma, Juliet and the rest of the Dancing for a Cause team, head on over to www.dancingforacause.co.nz 

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