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Volunteer with Hospice

Hospice has a volunteer team of around 500, in more than 40 different roles. From helping care for patients, or delivering equipment to patients homes, to staffing the four Hospice Shops.

Volunteering for Hospice can be a great way to support the community, gain new experiences and meet new people. Help Nelson Tasman Hospice maintain its range of care and support services.


Nelson Tasman Hospice  needs to fundraise $2.5million each year to continue offering its wide range of services to those who need them the most.

You can help Hospice make up this funding shortfall by making a donation, organising a fundraising initiative in your community, funding a day of care, or volunteering your time.


Shopping at one of Nelson Tasman’s four Hospice Shops not only gets you a second hand bargain but also helps Hospice support someone with a life limiting illness.

To help Hospice, you can donate -or buy- quality clothing, furniture, and
household goods.

Upcoming Events
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Many thanks to our wonderful supporters:

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