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NBS Dancing for a Cause - Nelson Tasman Hospice

Saturday 27th May 2023, Trafalgar Centre

NBS Dancing for a Cause is a fundraiser packed with glamour, fun and competition.

Nelson Tasman Hospice is proud to be associated with the NBS Dancing for a Cause event and the Nelson Dancing for a Cause Trust.

Nelson Dancing for a Cause is a Charitable Trust Board with its Trustees volunteering their time and working tirelessly with many other individuals and organisations in the Nelson/Tasman regions.

The aim is to put on a spectacular show every two years and most importantly, to raise much needed funds.

Dancing for a Cause held its first event in May 2018 to a sold-out crowd at Nelson’s Trafalgar Centre, raising $111,000 for Nelson Tasman Hospice.

The 2021 event, with the support of the amazing Nelson community, raised an astonishing $248,000. Thank you to the eight contestants and Nelson!

The 2023 event sees ten local personalities partnered each with a trained ballroom dancer. The contestants will perform a ballroom dance in front of a panel of judges and live audience in an attempt to be declared the Nelson Dancing for a Cause winner!

Nelson Dancing for a Cause Trust.
L to R: Sam Nicholls, Sonya Thomson, Emma Silke-French, Sandra Maxwell, Robbie Burns (Sally Thomas & Sarah Goodfellow absent)


Find out more – click on the link to go to the official NBS Dancing for a Cause Website


Fundraising activities organised by the contestants that are happening around the region


Support your favourite contestant by clicking here. All donations go to Nelson Tasman Hospice.

2023 Contestants

Dr Juliet Fleming - Doc on the Dance Floor

The main reason I have put myself forward is simple – it’s for our patients and whānau; past, present and future.

Also to represent, and in appreciation of, my colleagues over the years. I hope it will bring joy (and probably laughter!) to us all.

Find out more about Dr Juliet Fleming

Ryan Edwards

I am a proud and passionate Nelsonian who is definitely not known for my dancing skills – however it is a challenge I will embrace and I encourage everyone in Nelson/Tasman to support me, all the dancers and this amazing cause!

Find out more about Ryan Edwards

Cheryl Candish - Toe Tapping Teacher

I’m both excited and terrified in equal parts about getting out there on the dance floor.  But what an amazing opportunity and such an important cause.

So I’ll follow the advice I give to my own children and the students I teach – just do your best and feel proud of your efforts!

Find out more about Cheryl Candish

Ben Douglas

I am excited for this challenge, going on the journey with some other great Nelsonians and having a lot of fun along the way.

Find out more about Ben Douglas

Rosie James

I fully believe that helping other’s helps us heal our own hurt.  I also rather like a bit of glitz and glam.

I am VERY excited about this opportunity to help others while being glamorous!

Find out more about Rosie James

Sean Davis

For me, opportunities like this show my kids (and anyone else) that sometimes saying ‘yes’ to things that scare you is a good thing.

I especially love the challenge and competitiveness that can be built into fundraising for such a crucial resource.

Find out more about Sean Davis

Kat Campbell

I’m really looking forward to this exciting event and working in collaboration with all the amazing contestants to raise a fab amount of money for Hospice!

Find out more about Kat Campbell

Ben Brownie

I love to dance and I couldn’t think of a better cause than to raise money for Hospice.

I’m going to be working hard to raise as much money as I can, so please lend me your support and come along for the ride.

Find out more about Ben Brownie

Angela Miller

I believe we have all had a journey where someone we know needs hospice care whether it be family, friends or colleagues and I am very grateful for the tireless work they do.

I enjoy helping others, plus this is a great opportunity for some glitz and glam!

Find out more about Angela Miller

Blair Kiddey

Yeah – I’d love to raise money for the Nelson Tasman Hospice.

Nah – My dancing skills are non-existent. The dance teachers will have their work cut out for them!

Find out more about Blair Kiddey

Previous Contestants

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