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The inpatient unit is a short-stay facility in Suffolk Rd, Stoke.  Your stay at the inpatient unit is based on the urgency and complexity of your needs.

Your stay in the inpatient unit may be for several reasons, including:

  • managing your pain or troublesome symptoms,
  • short-term care to give your family/whānau or carer some time off, or
  • care in the final stages of your illness if care at home is no longer possible.

The time you spend with us will be based on your needs and how soon those needs can be met.

The inpatient unit has 10 private rooms each with ensuite bathroom, television and radio.   Your meals are prepared on site.  We cater for your individual tastes and special dietary needs. Your family/whānau and friends are welcome in the inpatient unit.  They may stay over, either in your room or the family/whānau lounge. They may also use the family kitchenette and bathroom facilities.

Our aim is to meet your personal needs and care.  What matters to you, matters to us.

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