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Op Shop On Saxton

The Community Behind Op Shop on Saxton

When a vision meets determination and masses of community support, extraordinary things happen.  

On 10 June, supporters and colleagues stood at the entrance to Op Shop on Saxton, to witness the ribbon cutting of Nelson Tasman Hospices’ newest retail venture. This kind of operation doesn’t build itself, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible community support we’ve received.  

It all began with the vision to create a slightly different style of secondhand store with a fun, new vibe.

The location at Elms St had the team inspired, with a multiroom shop front offering treasure trove potential. It was with the support of the site landlord, Craig Chalmers, that we could start preparing the store for its facelift.  

Hayley, from Tizza Design, has always backed Nelson Tasman Hospice with her design finesse. The brief was “We want it to be different, funky and bold. A new brand, but with ties back to Hospice.” She enthusiastically jumped on board and designed the new look for our store. Then presented us with the new ‘Op Shop on Saxton’ branding. 

Op Shop on Saxton Logo by Tizza Design

The fresh colour palette subtly connects to the brand colours of Nelson Tasman Hospice. Hayley mentioned this is achieved while “being stand-out and in line with a modern, trendy op shop aesthetic.”

With the desired look in mind and the motivation to bring it to life, our next step was to prepare the building for a fresh coat of paint.

Washrite generously offered their water blasting services at a discounted rate. This, along with a few volunteer working bees, the shop was ready for its facelift.  

Through Gibbons, we connected with the team at Guthrie Bowron. Guthrie Bowron generously provided the Dulux paint required to spruce up the building, free of charge. This included Dulux 1Step Prep, Dulux Wash and Wear, and Dulux Weathershield. The team at Guthrie Bowron nailed the colour matches, allowing us to freshen up the exterior and add the much-needed ‘pops’ of colour to the fixings inside.

Nayland Scaffold lent a hand by providing a scaffold. Signs on Time could then wrap the signage on the building and road signs. Paul from Signs on Time, at a discounted rate, did a fantastic job with the signs, massively supporting the project.  

The support didn’t stop at these noticeable and dramatic changes.

Local businesses also assisted in outfitting the shop with shelves, cupboards, safety gear, changing rooms, and a till. The Warehouse Richmond offered discounted shelving and the Point of Sale Company generously provided a discount on a new till for hospice. FFP contributed a free fire extinguisher for the building. 

Nelson Pine donated the necessary materials to construct new changing rooms and shelves, which were assembled by skilled volunteers. Thanks to their efforts, the shop is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Plinths were created to conceal a flooring fault, and an unused door well hidden.  

Chris from Pro Switch turned on the lights for us, Tasman Lock n Safes are protecting the building from intruders. Alan Snowden from Betta Inspect It approved everyone’s hard work. 

As you can see, this truly was a community effort. A diverse range of local businesses got behind Nelson Tasman Hospice to open this new sustainable store.

The sales made at this ‘sustainable store’ promises to contribute significantly the $3.5m annual funding shortfall at Nelson Tasman Hospice. The term sustainable, ties in all functions of the charity store; reducing the amount of quality household items and clothing being sent to landfills, while providing vital income for our charitable organisation.  

Heartfelt thank you’s

Local Businesses 

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the local businesses that supported us. It is the community-minded individuals behind these businesses who form the backbone of a compassionate community. 

Your support has been invaluable in establishing the ‘Op Shop on Saxton’. With your belief in our mission, you have not only contributed to the creation of a thriving community hub but also empowered us to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. 

Dedicated Volunteers and Shop Colleagues 

A special appreciation goes out to our exceptional team of volunteers and shop colleagues. In addition to those who assisted in preparing the store for its opening day, we extend our gratitude to the commitment of over 20 new volunteers who have joined the Op Shop on Saxton team. Their selfless contribution of time plays a crucial role in providing hospice with nearly half of the $3.5 million yearly shortfall. 

A round of applause to our shop manager, Anete Smith, for the time and enthusiasm she invested in this project. Her visionary approach has truly transformed Op Shop on Saxton into the treasure trove it is today. 

We also want to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of John Hopkins, our Retail Operations Manager, who played a significant role in the shop’s fit-out. John said, “I’m not the one who will make decisions about the aesthetics of the place, but I will make it happen.” And boy, he did.   

Donna Ching-Tregidga, the Head of Supporter Engagement and Income Development, has been leading the project from start to finish. With her unwavering determination and visionary approach, this venture will undoubtedly become a fundamental part of a lifelong legacy at Nelson Tasman Hospice. 

The Community 

To the locals who have supported our shop so far, we extend our heartfelt thanks for embracing our vision. You’ve attended fundraisers, put a coin in your local donation box, you’ve spread the word, and your enthusiasm has made this the success it is. The Op Shop on Saxton is a testament to the power of community support. We are honoured to be part of such a compassionate community. 

Generous Donors 

The contributions of generous donors are the lifeblood of our op shop. Free pick up on large items

With your support, we were able to stock our shelves with a diverse range of quality items. This makes sure our customers can find hidden gems while supporting a good cause.

Whether you are shopping or donating your unused goods, your support enables patients at Nelson Tasman Hospice to live well and leave well. 

Reflecting on the incredible journey that led us to the opening of the Op Shop on Saxton, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support we have received. From the community to the volunteers, donors, local organisations, and customers, each one of you has played a vital role in making our dream a reality. Together, we have established a thriving space that promotes sustainability, community engagement, and social impact. 

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